Danger (About this Blog)

Dies ist der weblog der Beat Company der darauf abzielt, zu verunsichern, zu bereichern, zu informieren und zu manipulieren. Die Company versucht auf diesem Wege, andere durch gelegentlich auch kryptische Aktivitäten mit Werten und Querdenkertum zu impfen, sowie gegenseitiges... Read More →

Dead Poets Society

Denmnächst auch in Deiner Nähe: «Der Club der toten Dichter» – mit Peter Lohmeyer als Gastsänger und Bukowski–Vertonungen. Soon... Read More →


Thinking of the Beats’ journeys throughout Asia, two new figures are arising at the Beat Company’s horizon: The couple... Read More →

The Wall

Remember:   55 years since the erection of the BERLIN WALL. 55 Jahre seit dem Bau der BERLINER MAUER.... Read More →


Today, 71 years ago on August 9th Nagasaki was hit by the second atomic bomb dropped by the United... Read More →


Picture courtesy of Andy Townend Higashi Hongwanji (Simple temple) by Jack Kerouac In a quiet dusty corner on the... Read More →

Pull My Daisy

Stairs at the Columbus Avenue Store («City Lights») leading up to the Poetry Room. Photograph by © Christina Koci Hernandez
CELEBRATING THE «UNITED NATIONS DAY OF LOVE POETRY» Pull my daisy Tip my cup Cut my thoughts for coconuts... Read More →

Tribute To Allen

Happy 90th Birthday – Allen ! In 1957 «Howl» – Allen’s magnum opus – attracted great publicity when it... Read More →


These are the telephone tapes made by A. J. Weberman of two phone calls (Jan 6th and 9th 1971)... Read More →

Back On Track

Ryan Weideman, Self-Portrait with Passenger Allen Ginsberg, 1990
Herewith I inform the community that the Beat Company is back and will remain on track. Hiermit informiere ich... Read More →

The End

This is the final post of the Beat Company. We will be moving.   «The Mermaid of Venice, California»... Read More →

Yellow Chickenshit

Addendum to «So Now» #pocketpoem (See Pagophila’s «I carry your heart with me») and contributing to «World Book Day»... Read More →


This is not a Malfunction / Line by © Ludwig Zeidler
Es ist verdammt schwer zu sagen, was Kausalität ist. Ich neige dazu, mir das als mehr–dimensionale Situation vorzustellen: In... Read More →


Jacques Brel © Michael Ochs Archives (circa 1970)
Jacques Romain Georges Brel (* April 8th 1929 in Schaerbeek / Belgium – † Oktober 9th 1978 in Bobigny... Read More →


«Rocket» by Allen Ginsberg – typed in Paris 1958
Last post of the Beat Company’s «Ginsberg – Week». «Rocket» read by Allen Ginsberg on February 27th 1959 at... Read More →

A Terrible Need

—  48 Miles to Memphis  — Yet another compilation on death, needs and music. «Oh, sinner, you’d better get... Read More →


Picture © Anne Barth, Cologne (2016) «The mad road, lonely, leading around the bend into the openings of space... Read More →


SMALL PORTIONS Whilst we search for Easter eggs, others miss their fingers and ears. — Während wir nach Ostereiern... Read More →

First Kiss

Picture courtesy of © Mia («westendstories») Jeder hat es erlebt: Den ersten Kuss. Ein Ereignis, das sehr unterschiedlich verlaufen... Read More →

Love And Music

«Observations On Music By An Alcoholic» (1984): «I have been drunk for thousands of nights listening to symphony music... Read More →

Bum Bum Bum

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – JACK KEROUAC ! Jack Kerouac – born Jean–Louis–Lebris de Kérouac – was born March 12th 1922... Read More →


In the 1950’s – the old world was dying, but the new world was to be born. Still the... Read More →


You betcha ! (Darauf kannst du einen lassen !) Just another of Beat Company’s contributions to Livin’ Beats –... Read More →


Collage «Blue» (Hommage à Yves Klein) © Adam Rock und Beat Company (London Borough of Hackney, 1998)
«L’amour est Bleu» You are listening to Daniel Kahn & The Painted Birds’ track «Görlitzer Park». Eine blaue –... Read More →

Windows (23)

Picture by kind permission of © Maxime Graf Allen Ginsberg arrived in Calcutta during the early 1960s to discover... Read More →

Walk The Line

Cash 1
We are taking a break from the break – to celebrate the birthday of Johnny Cash (* February 26th... Read More →


Landscapes Of Longing / Sehnsuchtslandschaften A post about the ever–recurring questions of life and its small portions – childhood during... Read More →


Der tägliche Trott
«Der tägliche Trott» («The daily routine») by © Foster Agoraphobia is a condition triggered by wide–open spaces, crowds or... Read More →


Blue Moon
Today is Valentine’s Day – for the Beat Company: Movie–Time. I have prepared two excellent examples on the very... Read More →

The Freak

«The Freak» by Charles Bukowski – appeared first in the «Third Lung Review» – No. 12 – in 1994... Read More →

Der Letzte Walzer

Heute vor fünf Jahren verstarb «Peter der Große» – eigentlich: Peter Alexander Ferdinand Maximilian Neumayer «Ich konnte dem Wunder... Read More →

Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap
On this day – February 9th 1942 – Carole King, US–musician and songwriter, singer and pianist – was born.... Read More →

Clippings (2)

Beatniks Unite
Für die deutschen Leser: Aus Zeit– und Energie–Mangel erscheint dieser Text – vorerst – nur in englischer Sprache. Ich... Read More →


Arizona Dream
Der Traum vom Fliegen – The dream of flying «Hey Father Death, I’m flying home Hey poor man, you’re... Read More →

Ah Pook Is Here

Happy Birthday – William S. Burroughs ! Video: «Ah Pook» This 1994 stop–frame interpretation of recordings by the late... Read More →

Clippings (1)

February 3rd 1959: «The Day the Music Died»: Buddy Holly, J. P. Richardson and Ritchie Valens. «Death is very... Read More →

51st State

On the birthday of James Augustine Aloysius Joyce (* 2nd February 1882 – † 13th January 1941) – having... Read More →


Volgograd, Russia
Photo credit: © Michael Kirchoff via Edge of Humanity Magazine Photo credit: © John und Marc (1 Thing To... Read More →


Chekhov Letter
January 29th 1860: Birthdate of Russian writer Anton Chekhov. «The role of the artist is to ask questions –... Read More →

Down By Paradise

Jim Jarmusch zum Geburtstag. Joseph Beuys ist heute auch schon 30 Jahre tot. Jim Jarmusch, geboren als: James Roberto... Read More →


Janis Joplin
Janis Lyn Joplin was born in Texas in January 19th 1943. First interested in painting – she began to... Read More →


Tom Waits’ «Time» – from the album «Rain Dogs» (1985) «Time» features some of Waits’ most richly evocative songwriting... Read More →


Baby Charles Bukowski on the beach 1920’s
From: «Beach Boys» by Charles Bukowski – Typoscript archived at the University of Arizona Libraries – Tucson / AZ... Read More →

Ground Control

Bowie and Burroughs
In their February 28th 1974 issue, the «Rolling Stone Magazine» paired up Beat Generation godfather William S. Burroughs with... Read More →


Hommages für Heiner Müller und Herbert Huncke – zwei ‹Randfiguren› ihrer jeweiligen Gesellschaftsform. Tributes to Heiner Müller and Herbert... Read More →

Black And White

– Eine Multi–Media Jahresausklangs–Abschweifung in Schwarz–Weiss – Video: «Man in Black» (Johnny Cash in Kinetic Typography) The term «Beatnik»... Read More →

Life and Death

THE LAST HOTEL Patti Smith with Bolex–1 (1969) © The Daily Gazette Singer Patti Smith yesterday turned 69 (*... Read More →

Alter Sack

Picture «Glück» courtesy of © Anna Engberg Als «Alter Sack» beende ich das Jahr 2015. Im neuen Jahr geht... Read More →


Yesterday I received a book by Allen Ginsberg from my San Francisco dealer, wrapped in a «Chiquita» Box. «Ecofriendly»... Read More →


– carried away – a night time post – Picture courtesy of «Golden Bullet In A Box» «Follow your... Read More →


Video: IKEA Apple Iphone 6 parody commercial of Apple’s ad campaign – produced by advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty.... Read More →

All The Way

Für viele ist der Jahreswechsel ein Grund, zurück zu blicken. Ich halte es mit miia, die aus ihrer Box... Read More →

Beat Is No Fastfood

Im Maro Verlag erschien am 14. Mai 2015 «Bukowski und die Beats: Von Konterboxern und Popliteraten» – von Jean-François... Read More →

Social Connections

Video: «Bukowski’s» Cinentropy and Oakhouse Pictures present «Bukowski’s» – written and directed by Antonio Michael White: Four self-absorbed, urban... Read More →

Windows (17)

Allen Ginsberg Hotel Ambassador Prague early March 1965 Courtesy Allen Ginsberg Collection
Das 17. Adventskalendertürchen «Die besinnlichen Tage zwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr haben schon manchen um die Besinnung gebracht.» (Joachim Ringelnatz... Read More →

Rings of Fire

A tribute to Johnnies Ring of Fire (1) Der arbeitslose Elektriker Jürgen Potzkothen, der bei seiner Mutter wohnt, träumt... Read More →